Who I am

I’m a Jayhawk. I’m a dad and a traditional family man. I’m a collaborator, strategic communicator and ethical leader. I’m a teacher, a mentor, and I’m still a student. I’m also a runner, or once was, but I’m always trying to improve. I’m all of these things, all of the time. And more. Here’s my professional background and personal story.


What I do

I help organizations and individuals advance their brands by engaging stakeholders in a collaborative process driven by shared purpose. I believe that process matters and how we do things is ultimately the greatest determinant of our success. Maybe I can help.


What I think

I reflect a lot, and sometimes I even write it down. For thoughts in the moment, check out Twitter. Otherwise, I blog on various interests- trends, branding, leadership, sports, culture, higher ed- you name it! Or rather, I will. That’s sort of the point, isn’t it?