Twitter killed my blog

Twitter killed my blog.

Or rather, micro-blogging became the death of my blog. Back in 2007 I had a blog, and  those posts are still alive and kicking over at blogspot. Most posts have held up well, with opinions on best brands, leadership and pop culture. Others, not so much. Times change. So what happened?

Well, Twitter reached a tipping point in 2009 while I was busy building an online engagement strategy for the KU Alumni Association in a new role. Our efforts encompassed a website redesign, content management strategy, social media, blog, broadcast email, mobile apps, CRM… and ten years later I’ve found little time to blog on my own. Twitter became my go-to for quick thoughts on the topics of the day, but it came at the expense of more thoughtful reflection that–more and more–our time demands. Times have changed.

And since Twitter recently announced it was doubling its character limit from 140 to 280, I can safely take that as a sign that character counts need not limit my writing, nor my thinking. So, after a brief break, the blog is back. Take that, Twitter.

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